Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Huntington Update

I swore to never have a blog, but James started it... This is for you Starlie.
The latest prego pictures...week 16, week 20, and James being a geek.

(Look at his face, he thinks he's so funny)

We are over half way to baby! I'm not gonna lie I do not love being pregnant - My pants don't zip, my shirts ride up, I feel big, tired, and sometimes moody. It will be worth it though. I just wish James could do the second half of the work.

Three days to go until we find out if its a boy or girl! James took Friday off for the ultrasound and then we are going shopping! Pretty much everyone's guess is a girl... We'll see though. We don't have a preference.

The baby moves a lot now. On Sunday, James was able to feel it move for the first time! It was so cool!


Chelsea and Nate said...

How exciting! you look so cute! I can't believe how big you are already..i still look like that first picture! :) I cant wait to find out what it is!

Tara Rickards said...

I am SO happy for you guys! Megan, you are so darn cute pregnant!!!

Starlie said...

i'm so proud of you megs!!!

Lea said...

I didn't know that you were pregnant! That is so exciting congratulations!