Sunday, March 15, 2015

First trip to the ER - September 2014

Koby is our first child that we have had to take to the ER; with three boys it was bound to happen sooner or later..

The day before our Emergency Room visit looked like this...

James took Koby and his friend Kennedy Taylor to Diseyland to go on all the rides that the little kids can't go on. They had so much fun. Carolyn Taylor and I took the little kids and met up with them later in the afternoon. It was a ridiculously hot day and apparently we did not do the best at reminding Koby to drink lots of water.

The next day he went to school. When I went to pick him up from school that afternoon he began complaining that his side hurt. He said that he had gotten hit at recess so I assumed that was the cause of his pain. Later that evening, Koby started throwing up - a lot. He didn't have a fever, and was complaining that his side (appendix area) was hurting. One of the Resident Doctors that lives in our building said we needed to take him in to the ER.

We took him in. It was an long, not-fun-at-all visit which included Koby throwing up all over my feet! We initially thought he had appendicitis, but after a few ultrasounds, an IV, and a CT scan it was concluded that Koby had been dehydrated. Poor little guy.

We discovered that LA is hot and we need to make the kids drink lots and lots of water when we are out in the sun. I also learned that it is better to tell your child when he is getting a needle poked in his veins instead of attempting it while he sleeps-whoops!

Poor  James was so exhausted from his busy week at school:

Here is the rest of September summed up by pictures of these cuties...

Koby and Kai

Linc using Daddy's helmet to go for a ride.

Happiest baby ever.

Lincoln is pretty into the "Thomas" trains right now... 

Linc and Kai

Kai sitting up and he is still 3 months old! Strong baby.

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